Or filler, it’s about a type of injectable medical devices that tends to decrease wrinkles and or modify the facial volumes.

Premises of the filler injections

We use two types of filler products

The hyaluronic acid is a resorbing component, naturally present on the skin which the presence decreases when aging. It is the most used product because it is easy to use and to manipulate and submits an excellent tolerance.

We usually use the brands Juvederm® from Allergan and Emervel® from Galderma. Their effects last from 6 to 9 months.

Radiesse® is a paste of calcium hydroxyapatite (component of the bony tissue)resorbing. It is a volumizing product, which aims to increase the volume of some parts of the face, particularly the internal side of the cheekbones. The benefit of this product is that in fact, it is a very cohesive product which allows to correct with precision while injecting along the facial bone. Its effect last approximately 12 months.

In practice

The most frequent corrections:

  • The grooves: the nasogenian folds, bitterness folds (corner of mouth)
  • The wrinkles: forehead, “lion’swrinkle”,”crows’feet wrinkle”,cheeks, mouth contour
  • Zones with a lack of volume: lips, cheekbones, chin, cheeks, tear trough

An injection session can be practiced alone, but can also be a part of medical techniques of rejuvenating such as peelings, and botulinic toxin injections.

Before the injections

The Emla lotion can be applied one hour before the injection on the treated zones. It can decrease the pain on the surface.

Progress of the injection

The treatment will be processed in the office. According to the number of areas that needs to be treated, and the scope of improvement that needs to be made, the session can last from 10 to 30 minutes.

After the injection

After the first six hours following the injection, it’s better to relax and rest and avoid any physical effort. Edema on face and redness on the skin can eventually appear more or less long according to each individual after the injection, but remains very soft and disappear after one to three days

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