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The principles of Reduction Nymphoplasty

Dropping  or too large labia minora can be troublesome in everyday life (irritation, discomfort during dressing, discomfort during sport practice) and cause pain during sexual activity.
It is possible to correct this disgrace with surgery.

The excess of the labia minora is resected using a CO2 Laser.

The scars can be oriented in two ways:

– longitudinally, for the ones where the excess is partial and centred on the upper part of the lip.
– perpendicular to the axis of the labia minora, with a resection in the shape of a triangle or V to avoid areas of friction and best respect the anatomy of the patients.
Stitches  are then made with absorbable suture material, so there will be no thread to remove.

In practice

The procedure is performed under neuroleptanalgesia (local anesthesia deepened by intravenous sedatives). The procedure is then organized in outpatient surgery (admission to the clinic at 1 pm, discharged at 7 pm).

After surgery, it is best to wear light clothing and cotton underwear. After the shower and after each passage to the toilet, disinfection is recommended to avoid maceration.

Sex is forbidden for 1 month.

More information on Reduction nymphoplasty

What are the complications of a reduction nymphoplasty?

They are uncommon.
The main complication is the disunion of the scar that may require extended care or even an additional surgical procedure.
Post-operative asymmetries between the labia minora may occur and require correction.

Can one give birth through vaginal delivery after a reduction  nymphoplasty?

Nymphoplasty reduction does not contraindicate normal vaginal delivery

Is reduction nymphoplasty covered by National Health Insurance?

French assurance does cover this procedure.
However the basis of a reimbursement is very minimal (less than 50€).
Additional fees are requested as well as additional clinic fees.

How much does a reduction nymphoplasty cost?

A reduction nymphoplasty can cost you from 1000 to 1500 € of complement fees possibly covered by your health insurance.


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