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Buttock implants 360 cc

The highlights of buttock implants:

– Buttock implant surgery had a bad reputation but is now reliable with modern surgery and anesthesia techniques

– The use of the endoscope allows precise control of the position of the implant and prevents any deformation

– Special care in anesthesia makes it possible to avoid post-operative pain

Principles :

The purpose of laying Buttock implants is to increase the volume of the upper portion of the buttock by using prostheses filled with silicone gel placed in the gluteus maximus muscle. It is an intervention with complex sequences but with excellent aesthetic results.

The procedure is performed under general or loco-regional anesthesia and lasts approximately 1h30. Even in case of general anesthesia, complementary peri-dural anesthesia can be offered to avoid pain.

2 scars of 6 cm are made on each side of the intergluteal groove. This is a recent modification of the Brazilian technique which has 2 major advantages:

– This limits the traction on a single scar and avoids the scar to open

– This avoids any postoperative detachment of the intergluteal furrow which is very unsightly and difficult to correct

A space is then created in the muscle fibers of the gluteus maximus muscle to put a prosthesis filled with specific cohesive silicone gel. It is essential to remain strictly in the gluteus maximus muscle to avoid visible deformations from the implant while walking, especially in the lateral portion of the buttock. This flaw is frequently observed when surgery is performed “blindly”.

We use a specific camera or endoscope to perform this time of operation. The coagulation of the blood vessels is thus continuously controlled in order to avoid bleeding, but also the strict intra-muscular character of the dissection.

We then place a POLYTECH high-cohesive gluteal implant that usually range in size from 300 to 500 cc. Larger implants (up to 800 cc) can be made to measure after a special order.

In practice

A pre-anesthesia consultation is necessary at least 48 hours before the operation of the buttock implants.

Surgery is done during a hospital stay of 2 nights.

Indeed, the recovery of pain is the key point of this intervention and requires perfusions of strong painkillers, even epidural analgesia per catheter.

The sitting position is forbidden for the first 3 days and it is recommended to alternate the laying positions on the belly, on the sides or standing.

After leaving the clinic, a nurse specialist at home is required until the sutures are removed 15 days after surgery.

A work interruption of 7 to 15 days is required depending on your activity.

Sport activity can be resumed 1 month after surgery.

Frequently asked questions

What are the possible complications of buttock implants?

It is a serious procedure requiring specialized post-operative care.

The main complication is postoperative pain, especially those radiating along the sciatic nerve to the foot. They are prevented by specialized management of the pain by the anesthesiologist during your hospitalization.

The other complication of the buttock implants is the disunion of the scar. It is prevented by the prohibition of the seating position for 7 days and the realization of the care at home by a specialized nurse.

What is the average lifespan of buttock implants?

It is 15 years on average. The incidence of capsular contracture (hardening) is very low with buttock prostheses.

What are the alternatives to buttock implants?

Lipomodelling (Brazilian Butt Lift) is the main alternative to buttock prostheses. However, the volume of fat needed to achieve a result requires significant liposuction, which is not possible in thin patients.

Injections of Macrolane® are prohibitively expensive (at least 3000 € just to buy the product) for a duration of action limited to one year.

How much does it cost?

The surgery of the buttock implants is expensive because of the length of hospitalization and the need for specialized post-operative care.

The need for a work interruption of at least 15 days must also be incorporated.

The price of the procedure varies between 6500 and 8000 € to which must be added 400 € for nursing home care.




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  • Hi my name is marouska and I am from Greece. I am interesting to come to Paris for a silicone butt lift with implants .. Can you tell me ho many days do I need to stay in Paris??

    • Hi. You will need to stay a total of 15 days in France for this kind of surgery. Scar healing must be checked before you’re allowed to fly back to Greece. If you want more information, we can setup a skype consultation. Thanks


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