Patient receiving a botox injection

The strengths

  1. Botox or botulinic toxin aims to temporary block certain muscles on the face to make the expression wrinkles disappear.
  2. Botox is a liable medicine with very few side effects and that can be used on a long term basis.
  3. The rate of a Botox injection varies from 280€ to 500€ according to the wideness of the area that needs to be treated.

The principles of Botox

It is a natural bacterial protein that is injected under the skin with a very few amount of product at the contact of the face muscles; it will block specifically the transmission of the nerves influx which are responsible of the contractions. The treated muscle will then release and the wrinkles caused by the contraction will neatly be reduced or even disappear.

The effect of the Botox will appear between 2 to 3 days after the injection and will last 4 to 6 months.

Botox in practice

Botox cannot be used in the following cases:

-Some neuro-muscular desease like myasthenia

-Pregnancy and breastfeeding

-Hypersensitivity of botulinic toxin

No anesthesia is necessary. However, the most susceptible patients can apply the lotion Emla on the treated areas one hour before the injection session. The treatment is practiced in the office.

The treated area is sanitized and the injection sites are marked by a demographic pen while you contract the muscles that will be treated. The treatment last only few minutes.

Several areas can be treated:

-Lion’s wrinkle located between the eyebrows

-the forehead wrinkle

-Crow’s feet wrinkle

-The wrinkles located around the nose

-The muscle that is causes the fall of the tip of the nose while smiling.

-The phonons or the platysma lines located on the neck

Bruises can be frequent. Some marks on the skin can appear and last 20 to 30 minutes and then disappear.

During the following two hours, it will be recommended to not do any intense sport, to not lay down and not move the face too much. It is also advised to not manipulate the face or strongly massage during the following 24 hours.

The results are usually visible after the second to the fourth day. The result obtained after the first session lasts 3 to 4 months in average after the botullinic toxin injection can be renewed.

If the intervals of 3 to 4 months are respected the first year (the muscles should not be moving again) you can space out the sessions every 6 months.

The specificities of our Botox injections

We realize more than 90% of Azzalure botullinic toxin which appears to us to be the best one as the action lasts longer. In the case of some patients wants to keep a light contraction of their muscles, we use Vistabel or Bocouture.

We do not inject the areas located around the mouth because even done by an expert, some smile asymmetry could appear.

Questions and Answers

Is Botox dangerous for the health?


Even if it is a derived of a dangerous product, the dosage used in cosmetic is so small that it cannot have any consequences on our body.

However, we need to respect the contraindications of this medication which are the neuro-muscular desease (myasthenia) and pregnancy.

Which are the different kinds of botullinic toxin available?

3 botullinic toxins are available in the French market.

1.Vistabel produced by the Allergan la: it is a product of reference with the most scientific studies done. It gives a stable and harmonious result.

  1. Azzalure produced by the Galderma lab: great product, very powerful and very useful for the men. We use it as 90% of our injections.
  2. Bocouture produced by the Merz lab: last marketed product, it seems very efficient, however we did not have enough time to evaluate the product compared to its competing products.

How to avoid a frozen aspect after Botow injection?

Everything must be analized, the morphology of the face and the action of the muscles that causes wrinkles. By clearly identifying the areas and the power  of your cutaneous muscles, we can adapt the dosage of the toxin to deliver. We can then keep a discreet elevation of your eyebrows avoiding a frozen aspect.

What are the potential complications of a Botox injection?

Headache can appear in some rare cases and last 24 hours following the injection.

An asymmetry of the eyebrows can be observed (one of the eyebrow higher than the other one)and then require a small correction with a new targeted injection.

If you wish your forehead to be completely frozen, you need to know that your eyebrow might lightly go lower which can aggravate the skin excess on the upper eyelid. If this phenomenon causes you discomfort, we can consider a temporary mini face lift associated by a blepharoplasty.

At last, the most feared complication is the fall of the upper eyelid of ptosis. It usually appears on 1 out of 200 cases.

Are there any long term complications due to Botox?


The product fully disappears in 4 months and there is no neurologic consequences known on a long term basis. It uses on some children that have a squint during a long period of time.

Nevertheless, some people can get allergies of a kind of botullinic toxin which can occur by a cutaneous intolerance or the decrease of the Botox efficiency.

The treatment will then consist in changing the brand of the toxin.

How much costs a Botox injection?

An isolated injection of the lion’s wrinkle costs 280€

A classical session forehead wrinkle and lion’s wrinkle costs 350€

If you also wish to correct the peri-oculars and the para-nasals, an extra dosage of product can be necessary. The price will then be 500€.

Botox injections have to be renewed every 2 to 3 times a year in average.

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