blépharoplastie lipofilling

urgery of 4 eyelids combined with a lipofilling of cheekbones

The strengths

  1. We practice eyelid surgery under ambulatory, entry in the morning and leaving in the afternoon.
  2. The eyelid surgery is non painful and needs you to take 5 to 7 days off work.
  3. The rates of the eyelid surgery vary between 1800 to 4500 Euros according to the difficulty of the case.

Description of the eyelid surgery

The eyelid surgery or blepharoplasty is a procedure that aims to improve the beauty and the function of the upper eyelid and/or the lower eyelid. It is a surgery with a quick recovery and that gives an important younger look.

For upper blepharoplasty, we remove the extra skin and muscle which is located in the upper eyelid fold.. We can also remove some extra fat in the internal side of the eye if needed. The scar is perfectly hidden in palpebral crease.

For the lower blepharoplasty, we practice more often an incision on the intraconjonctival (internal side of the eyelid, therefore no visible scars) to only remove the extra fat that causes the under eye “puffiness”. In some cases, we can see a release of the orbicular muscle of the eyelid. We recreate a muscle tension of the lower eyelid cartilage or canthopexy in order to stabilize the lower eyelid during the wound healing. On some rare cases, when the lower excess of skin is major, we practice a skin incision under the eyelash to remove the skin but always a minimum amount.


The eyelid surgery in practice

An ophthalmologic exam can be asked before the procedure is you have any particular records such as a chronic ocular dryness.

The procedure is often practiced under neuroleptanalgesia (local anesthesia further by tranquilizers administered intravenously) most of the times but sometimes under general anesthesia (personal convenience). This will require a pre anesthetic consultation, at least 48 hours prior the procedure. A local anesthesia can absolutely be considered fo an isolated upper eyelid surgery. In most of the cases, the procedure is practiced under outpatient surgery. You can go back home after 3hours accompanied by someone.

The recoveries are simple but marked by some peri-ocular bruises (bruises on the eye contour) which can last 5 to 15 days. It is useful to take Arnica 3 days before the procedure and to use special make up after the procedure to hide the bruises.


The specificities of our eyelid surgeries

The blepharoplasty is a very meticulous procedure which needs to be analyzed perfectly with the patient’s eyelid anatomy. Therefore we apply a treatment plan according to each patient.

For example, in case of a hollow eye, we avoid as maximum to remove the fat and we concentrate on the restoration of the tension in the muscle. For the opposite case, in case of droopy eyelid, we would need to remove some fat and muscle.

We associate also regularly other procedures with the eyelid cosmetic surgery such as a temporary mini face lift to

raise the eyebrow edge and also the injection of purified fat (lipofilling) to restore the cheekbones volume.


Questions and answers

Will an eyelid cosmetic surgery change the look of my eyes?

No, a well done blepharoplasty does not modify the look and the personality of the eyes. It allows you to obtain less heavy and a rested aspect. Le eye look is modified in case of complication such as a lower eyelid retraction or a rounded eye.

What are the possible complications of the eyelid cosmetic surgery?

The upper eyelid cosmetic surgery is a procedure that gives very rarely complications (first and foremost erosions or irritations of the cornea).

Nevertheless, the lower eyelid surgery is more complex. Sometimes, if the surgeon has removed too much skin we can see a retraction downwards of the lower eyelid or a rounded eye.

It is very important to restore the tension of the orbicular muscle and to transitorily fix the cartilage of the lower eyelid (canthopexy) to avoid this phenomenon.

Is the result of the eyelid cosmetic surgery remaining stable over time?

Yes, the result of the eyelid cosmetic surgery or blepharoplaty remains stable over time. Besides a variation of gaining and losing weight, the fat eye puffiness rarely reappears after a lower blepharoplaty. However, the aging of the upper side of the face recreates an escess of skin on the upper eyelid after 10 years.

The solution is to practice a temporal mini face lift in order to restore the tension on the upper side of the face, especially the eyebrows and the forehead.

Is there any blepharoplaties taken care by the national insurance?

Yes, it needs to fit into the frame of reconstructive surgery. Therefore, if the skin of the upper eyelid falls onto the eyelashes, and blocks the visual field, it is about dermatochalasis, and the procedure can be taken care of. In some other cases, when the upper eyelid falls down itself due to a release of the levator muscle of the eyelid. It is a ptosis, and here again, the procedure is partially taken care of. At least, the lower eyelid can be fully released and uncover the white part of the eye. It is an ectroption, and its treatment is based on a permanent canthoplasty is taken care of.

How much does cost an eyelid cosmetic surgery?

The rate of blepharoplasty starts at 1800€ for a blepharoplasty of both of the eyelids under pure local anesthesia. For a procedure of the 4 eyelids under general anesthesia and ambulatory, the average rate is 4000€. We regularly associate the 4 eyelids surgery to a mini face lift and a facial lipofilling. The price for this is 6000€

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