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Dr Berdah and Dr Benjoar


Our references:

  • Medical doctors
  • Winners of the medical Faculty of Paris VII
  • It is the only French diploma that allows the practice of plastic surgery for surgeons trained since 1986
  • Registered at the medical doctors of Paris under the numbers 75 / 76730 (RPPS : 10004624499) et 75 / 77646 (RPPS : 10004402102)
  • Former Head of clinic assistant of hospitals
  • Member of French College of Plastic surgery, reconstructive and cosmetic surgery
  • Members of the French society of Plastic surgery, reconstructive and cosmetic surgery
  • University degree of Microsurgery
  • University degree of Anatomy applied for plastic surgery
  • University degree of Cervico- Facial Anatomy
  • Inter- University degree of Hand Surgery

Our office

21 avenue d’Eylau 75116 Paris – 01 40 26 52 06

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Our garantees

We graduated from the Medical Faculty of Paris in Plastic surgery, reconstructive and cosmetic surgery (DESC). It is the only official diploma that entitles us to practice our medical speciality.

Our goal

Your Safety: We perform our procedures in renowned private clinics qualified for plastic surgery and that can supply permanent healthcare settings.

To offer you the latest innovations approved scientifically. Plastic surgery is in constant evolution and our academic training allows us to offer the most recent surgical techniques that have been approved by rigorous scientific studies.

To take the time to listen to you during consultation. The surgeon should not impose his own ideas. Any procedure should be the result of careful discussions to define your needs.

To ensure ourselves the follow up of your post –operational procedure. A plastic surgery should not be limited only to the surgical operation. The procedure must include a personalized follow-up on a short, medium and long term.


Our procedures:



Our techniques intend to restore the harmony of your face without transforming you. The filling injections must be discrete, also limited to the key zones of your face
Our face lifts are minimally invasive and leave small visible scars to quickly get back to work.
Our eyelid surgery tends to rejuvenate your look without changing it.
At last, our rhinoplasty respects your identity by achieving very small changes but very precise.

silhouetteBody shape

We always combine liposuction with body shape surgery to achieve a harmonious result. Nous appliquons les dernières techniques validées au niveau international. We apply the latest techniques validated at an international level. We have a keen interest in butt surgery, such as reduction or augmentation by combining fat injections and butt implants.



We prioritize the safest techniques, such as the breast augmentation by implants.
We use rounded MENTOR implants approved by the American FDA, or anatomical implants covered by polyurethane foam POLYTECH which avoid rotations and husks.


We perform tailor made surgeries with implants conceived by computer for the treatment of funnel chest. We also take care of gynecomastias  and the placement of pectoral implants.

intimeIntimate parts

We offer a full range of techniques to correct and beautify the feminine genital area. (Misses Dr Berdah exclusively).

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  • Hi doctors i want to ask if you perform breast lift surgery without implants?
    Or breast lift with fat transfer?
    If yes how i can contact you for more details about the cost.
    Thanks in advance

    • Hello, we perform those two surgeries, especially peri areolar breast lift (round block) with fat transfer. Cost is between 6500 and 7500 €. I will send you my email for direct contact. Thanks Dr Benjoar

  • Hello,

    Do you do a Buccal fat removal or Chin enhancement?

    Thank you,

    • Hello Abe, thanks for your message. We perform these two surgeries on a regular basis.

  • Face neck lift options please

  • Good day,

    I was wondering if you use Motiva Ergonomix implants and if so what an approximate cost might be for a subfascial placement?

    Thank you,

    • Good day, sorry for the delay in the answer. The price would be 4700 euros.

  • Bonsoir,

    I’ve been doing restylane lip fillers for a long time and I can’t find a good clinic in Paris to do it at.

    Are you doing restylane fillers for lips. Is it possible to pay for only 0,5 ml? What’s the price?

    Thank you,

    • Hello, we do have restylane 0,5 mL syringe for lips and the price is 300 € for a injection.


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