Eyelid surgery or blepharoplasty

The strong points

  • We perform cosmetic surgery of the eyelids in ambulatory surgery: entry in the morning and exit in the afternoon.
  • Cosmetic surgery of the eyelids (blepharoplasty) is not painful and results in 5 to 7 days of professional unavailability.
  • The price of a cosmetic surgery of the eyelids varies from 1800 to 4500 euros according to the difficulty of the case.

Description of the cosmetic surgery of the eyelids

Aesthetic surgery of the eyelids or blepharoplasty refers to an operation aimed at improving the aesthetics and function of the upper and/or lower eyelids. It is a cosmetic surgery with rapid after-effects that allows for significant rejuvenation.

For upper blepharoplasty, we remove the excess skin and muscle that forms the upper eyelid crease. We may also have to remove excess fat located at the inner edge of the eye. The scar is perfectly hidden in the upper eyelid crease.

For lower blepharoplasties, we most often make an intraconjunctival incision (on the inner side of the eyelid, therefore without a visible scar) in order to remove only the fat responsible for the "bags" under the eyes. In some cases, the orbicularis muscle of the eyelids can be relaxed. In this case, the orbicularis muscle is re-tensioned by fixing it to the surface of the temporalis muscle. We then perform a temporary fixation of the lower eyelid cartilage or canthopexy in order to stabilize the lower eyelid during its healing. In rare cases, where the lower skin excess is major, we make a subciliary skin incision in order to remove some skin but always at a minimum.

Blepharoplasty in practice

An ophthalmological examination may be requested before the procedure if you have a particular history of chronic dry eye.

The procedure is performed under neuroleptanalgesia (local anesthesia deepened by sedatives administered by intrevenous route) most often, but sometimes under general anesthesia (personal convenience). This requires a pre-anesthetic consultation at least 48 hours before the operation. A pure local anesthesia can be considered for isolated upper eyelid surgery. In most cases, the procedure is performed as an outpatient surgery. You can go home accompanied 3 hours after the operation.

The aftermath is simple but marked by some peri-ocular bruising (bruises around the eyelid) that can last from 5 to 15 days. It is useful to take Arnica 3 days before the operation and to use special make-up after the operation to camouflage the bruises.

The specificities of our cosmetic eyelid surgery

Blepharoplasty is a very thorough procedure that requires a perfect analysis of the patient's eyelid anatomy. We apply a personalized treatment plan to each patient.

For example, in the case of a hollow eye, we will avoid removing fat as much as possible and will concentrate on re-tensioning the skin. Conversely, in the case of heavy eyelids, it will be necessary to remove fat and muscle.

We also regularly combine other procedures with cosmetic eyelid surgery, such as a mini temporal lift to raise the tail of the eyebrows and lipofilling to restore volume to the cheekbones.

Questions / Answers

Will cosmetic surgery of the eyelids change my look?

No, a well performed blepharoplasty does not change the look of the eyes and therefore does not change the personality. It allows us to obtain less heavy eyes and a more rested appearance. The look is modified in case of complications such as a retraction of the lower eyelid or round eye.

What are the possible complications of cosmetic eyelid surgery?

Upper eyelid surgery is an operation that very rarely results in complications (primarily erosions or irritation of the cornea).

On the other hand, lower eyelid surgery is more complex. If the surgeon has removed too much skin, a downward retraction of the lower eyelid or round eye can sometimes be observed.
It is very important to re-tension the orbicularis muscle and temporarily fix the cartilage of the lower eyelid (canthopexy) to avoid this phenomenon.

Is the result of a cosmetic eyelid surgery stable over time?

Yes, the result of a cosmetic eyelid surgery or blepharoplasty is stable over time. Apart from a major weight change, fatty pockets rarely recur after a lower blepharoplasty. On the other hand, the aging of the upper part of the face tends, 10 years after the first surgery, to recreate excess skin on the upper eyelid.
The solution is then to perform a Mini Temporal Lift in order to restore tension to the upper part of the face, particularly the eyebrows and the forehead.

Are there any blepharoplasties covered by the health insurance?

Yes, but they are part of reconstructive surgery. Thus, if the skin of the upper eyelids falls on the eyelashes and impairs the visual field, we speak of dermatochalasis and the intervention can be managed. In other cases, it is the upper eyelid itself that falls due to a relaxation of the eyelid lift muscle. This is called ptosis and the procedure is also partially reimbursed. Finally, the lower eyelid can be completely relaxed and reveal the white of the eye. This is called an ectropion and its treatment, which is based on a permanent canthoplasty, is covered.

How much does cosmetic eyelid surgery cost?

The price of a blepharoplasty starts at 2000 € for a blepharoplasty of the 2 upper eyelids under pure local anesthesia. For an operation of the 4 eyelids under general anesthesia in ambulatory, the average estimate is 4000€. We regularly combine 4-eyelid surgery with a mini temporal lift and facial lipofilling. The price of this surgery is then 6000 euros.

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