Calf surgery : Questions and Answers

Before making an appointment for calf surgery, you probably have some questions about this cosmetic procedure. On this page, we have gathered the questions that we are most often asked in order to answer them transparently.

For which cases is calf liposuction appropriate?

Liposuction of the calves concerns all people with excess fat in the legs and ankles. However, it does not allow the treatment of "fat calves" of muscular origin (very prominent muscle and very thin subcutaneous panicle), and it does not allow the treatment of oedemas (white appearance of the leg with persistent depression of pressure, often associated cardiovascular context).

Is calf liposuction painful?

The aspirated area remains sensitive for about a week. On the other hand, this procedure does not prevent you from walking and carrying out your daily tasks.

When can I return to sports after calf liposuction?

After a liposuction of the calves, it is possible to resume sports about 15 days after the procedure.

How much does liposuction of the calves cost?

A liposuction of the calves has a total cost of about 2500€.

What are the main risks of calf implants?

Since it is a foreign body, there is always a risk of rejection and infection.
On the other hand, since the implants are located in a very active muscular area, there is a risk of exposure of the prosthesis in the suture area.
Finally, a very serious complication can occur: the compartment syndrome. This is a sudden increase in pressure inside the leg caused by muscle trauma during surgery. It results in intense pain and requires emergency surgery.

Is the placement of calf implants a painful operation?

Yes, because the tissues are put under tension by the prostheses. This pain is major during the first week and then gradually fades.

How long before I can resume sports after calf implants?

One month of healing is necessary after this operation before resuming any sustained sports activity.

What is the cost of calf implant surgery?

The price of an aesthetic calf implant on both sides varies between 5000 and 5500 €.

Is calf lipomodelling painful?

It is a procedure that is not very painful. In fact, since it is your own fat, the body does not react as it would to a foreign body.

Is the result obtained postoperatively the final result?

No, because part of the injected fat is resorbed in the first 3 weeks following the procedure and then the result stabilizes. To compensate for this phenomenon, more fat is always injected than necessary in order to obtain an optimal result in the long term.

What is the cost of a calf lift?

The cost of an aesthetic calf lift is 3500€.

Is calf augmentation surgery covered by health insurance?

Yes, in cases of traumatic sequelae, neurological damage (sequelae of poliomyelitis) or any major asymmetry.
Lipomodelling is today the surgery that seems to us the most adapted to these cases. Our fees range from 1500 to 2000 € depending on the case.

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