Reduction Nymphoplasty

It is a simple and quick procedure that can be of great benefit to patients.

The principles of nymphoplasty reduction

Drooping labia minora of too large a size can be embarrassing in daily life (irritation, discomfort when dressing, discomfort when playing sports) and cause pain during sexual intercourse.
It is possible to correct this disgrace surgically.

The excess labia minora is resected in a gynecological position.

Scars can be oriented in two ways:

  • longitudinally, for shapes where the excess is partial and centered on the upper part of the lip.
  • perpendicular to the axis of the labia minora, with a triangular or V-shaped resection to avoid friction areas and to respect the patient's anatomy.

The sutures are then made with absorbable thread, so there will be no thread to remove.

In practice

The operation is performed under neuroleptanalgesia (local anesthesia deepened by sedatives administered intravenously). The operation is then organized as an outpatient surgery (entry into the clinic at 1pm, exit at 7pm).

After the operation, it is preferable to wear light clothing and cotton underwear. After the shower and after each visit to the toilet, disinfection is recommended to avoid any maceration.

Sexual intercourse is forbidden for 1 month.

Questions and answers about nymphoplasty reduction

What are the complications of a reduction nymphoplasty?

They are rare.
The main complication is the disunion of the scar which may require prolonged care or even a surgical revision.
Post-operative asymmetries between the two labia minora may occur and require correction.

Can I give birth naturally after a nymphoplasty?

Yes, a reduction nymphoplasty does not contraindicate a natural delivery.

Is reduction nymphoplasty covered by health insurance?

Yes, but the reimbursement base is very low (less than 50 euros). A complementary fee is required as well as additional clinic fees.

How much does a reduction nymphoplasty cost?

A reduction nymphoplasty can cost you from 1000 to 1500 Euros in additional fees that may be covered by your health insurance.

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