Thigh lift or cruroplasty

The other name for the thigh lift is cruroplasty. It is a procedure that aims to reduce the excess skin on the inner thigh.

Principles of the thigh lift

Depending on the amount of skin to be removed, two types of scars are made:

  • Either a crescent-shaped scar located in the fold between the thigh and the pubis
  • Or, when the excess skin is major, a T-shaped scar whose vertical branch is located on the inner side of the thigh.

Thigh lift in practice

This procedure takes place in the operating room under general anesthesia.

It requires a hospitalization that varies from one to three nights on average.

In the aftermath of the operation, it is recommended to wear a support garment for one month, day and night.

Scar care must be repeated several times a day in this area which tends to maceration.

Questions and answers about thigh lift

Can the thigh lift be covered by social security?

Yes, in cases of significant weight loss following, for example, the installation of a gastric band.

Is the thigh lift a painful operation?

Yes, because it affects the lower limbs which are very mobile. This means that you may feel tension on the scars for about ten days. During your hospitalization as well as during your convalescence, strong painkillers will be prescribed to you.

Can a thigh lift be combined with liposuction?

Yes, they are 2 complementary techniques, practiced together they give excellent results.

When can I return to sport after a thigh lift?

A rest period of 1 month is necessary before resuming any physical exercise.

How much does a thigh lift cost?

A total budget of 4,000 to 4,500 € is required for an operation that is not covered.
In case of reimbursement by the social security (after prior agreement and approval of the medical advisor), I ask for additional fees of 2000 € which may be covered by your health insurance.

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