Otoplasty - Surgery for protruding ears

The strong points

  • We perform the surgery of protruding ears in ambulatory surgery: entry in the morning and exit in the evening.
  • Surgery for protruding ears is covered by health insurance in cases of major psychological discomfort.
  • Our fees for an ear surgery vary from 1500 to 2000 euros depending on the difficulty of the case.

Description of the surgery for protruding ears

There are two anatomical changes responsible for protruding ears:

  • hypertrophy of the cartilage in the center of the ear or excess concha
  • absence of folds in the cartilage of the outer edge of the ear or lack of folds in the anthelix

The surgical procedure aims to correct these deformities by modifying the cartilage structure of the ear.
The incision is located behind the ear. In the case of an excess of concha, we remove a portion of the cartilage and then bury the remaining cartilage in depth with stitches. If the anthelix is not folded properly, stitches are used to recreate the missing fold.

Surgery for protruding ears in practice

The procedure is performed under neuroleptanalgesia (local anesthesia deepened by sedatives administered by intrevenous route) most often, but sometimes under general anesthesia. This requires a pre-anesthetic consultation at least 48 hours before the procedure. In most cases, the operation is performed as an outpatient surgery. You can go home accompanied 3 hours after the operation.

The after-effects are simple but marked by a swelling of the ears during the first 5 days.

As the ears are very fragile tissues that are susceptible to infection, care must be taken every day by a nurse for 10 days, at which time we remove the sutures.

Wearing a protective headband is recommended for the month following the surgery. Contact sports and ball games are not recommended for 3 months after surgery.

The specifics of our protruding ear surgeries

We perform more than 90% of our protruding ear surgeries in outpatient surgery thanks to the use of local anesthesia potentiated even in young children.
We use a simple and fast technique based mainly on the use of non-absorbable suture to shape the ear. Thus we avoid any technique aiming at destroying the cartilage responsible for hematoma and skin necrosis.

Questions / Answers

Is the surgery for protruding ears covered by social security?

Yes, if your protruding ears are responsible for major psychological discomfort.

At what age can we perform a surgery for protruding ears?

The operation can be considered when the child's ear reaches its adult size, i.e. around 7-8 years. However, it is better to wait until the child expresses his discomfort and it is important not to force his child to undergo surgery.

What are the possible complications of a protruding ear surgery?

Surgery for protruding ears is a delicate surgery in its realization and its aftermath.

  • Infection, although very rare, is dreaded because it is very difficult to treat. The operation can only be considered in the operating room under conditions of impeccable hygiene. We systematically prescribe daily care with a nurse for 10 days.
  • a hematoma (blood clot) may occur in the 48 hours following the procedure and sometimes requires emergency drainage.
  • disturbances of the sensitivity of the auricle are usual in the 6 months following the surgery. This makes it necessary to protect the ears in case of cold temperatures.
  • hypertrophic scars or keloids may occur in susceptible patients.
  • the sutures holding the cartilage in place may come out through the skin within 2 years after the procedure

How much does a protruding ear surgery cost?

In case of coverage by the health insurance, our fees vary from 1500 to 2000 € depending on the difficulty of the case. They may be covered by your complementary health insurance. In the case of aesthetic procedures, you will be responsible for the entire cost of the hospitalization and the VAT.

Thus, the overall estimate varies from 3500 to 4000 € depending on the difficulty of your case.

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