How much does a breast augmentation by prosthesis cost?

Price of a breast augmentation by prosthesis

The price of an aesthetic breast augmentation with silicone implants varies from 5000 to 8000 €.

Fees vary according to the type of breast implant, the technique used and the length of hospital stay.

Thus, the placement of a Motiva Ergonomix 2 breast implant through the armpit (axillary approach) under endoscopic control in Dual Plan with 1 night's hospitalization will be the most expensive plastic surgery (8000€) because it is the most complex.

On the other hand, the installation of Motiva Round breast prostheses using a scar under the breast (sub-mammary way) in a sub-fascial plane in ambulatory surgery will cost 5,000 € because the intervention is simple, fast and little painful.

In most cases, a breast augmentation by prostheses is not covered by health insurance, and all the sums mentioned are at your expense. To this must be added the pre-anesthetic consultation (70 €), the support bra (60 €) and the post-operative medication and dressings (about 100 €).

In the case of an axillary approach (scar in the armpit), physiotherapy sessions are often necessary (about 300 €).

The MOTIVA brand offers an optional insurance costing 200 € to be taken out in the month following your operation, which covers you up to 2500 € per breast in case of rupture or shell in the 5 years following the operation.

No sick leave is prescribed. You must therefore, if necessary, take between 3 to 5 days off. If you perform the operation on a Friday, it is perfectly possible to work again on Monday, unless you have a heavy workload.

In very rare cases, breast augmentation with a prosthesis may be covered by the health insurance scheme, following prior agreement with the Social Security doctor.
The pathologies concerned are total breast aplasia (breasts not filling an A cup), tuberous breasts, and major breast asymmetries.
We charge additional fees ranging from €2,500 to €3,000, which may be covered by your complementary health insurance.

We offer financing facilities with the PnF 4 fois solution from Cofidis (2,300 euros can be financed in 4 installments free of charge thanks to a credit file via credit card) or Oney with a maximum of 3,000 euros on the same principle. All you need is proof of identity, a credit card linked to a bank account with no payment incidents, and a valid bank card.

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