Article Le Figaro

You can find the interview I gave to in the daily newspaper Le Figaro on May 10, 2017. In it, I discuss the specificities of French cosmetic surgery care or "French Touch". Indeed, more and more foreign patients are coming to consult us in Paris in search of a more natural approach to medicine and cosmetic surgery. The excesses of certain colleagues, particularly in the United States, are frightening. Frozen stares, inexpressive smiles and "duck" mouths reflect the excesses of surgeons who don't know how to say "no". Our approach, based on more measured and precise gestures, delivers the natural results sought by the majority of French patients. Our new NoVI Lift technique is a perfect illustration of this approach: short, invisible scars, differentiated treatment of the various components of facial aging (neck, jowls, cheekbones, forehead), and a combination of surgery and aesthetic medicine - these are the keys to achieving natural, harmonious results in 2017.