Super-Internal Pedicle Breast Reduction

If small breasts can be a source of complexes, so can large breasts.

Indeed, they are a source of physical problems and discomfort in everyday life, such as back pain and skin disorders.

It is therefore advisable to undergo breast reduction if you are in this situation.

Breast reduction is one of the subjects least discussed by women. Yet it is one of the most frequently performed procedures in plastic surgery.

Why is super-internal pedicle breast reduction more reliable?

This technique, used to reduce breast volume, preserves the vascularization and innervation of the areola originating from the superior-internal part of the breast. This reduces the risk of scarring and necrosis. It also preserves nipple sensitivity, enabling breast-feeding. Last but not least, this technique can be used to reshape the breast and, if necessary, correct its drooping appearance.

This is the technique systematically used by our team to provide the best possible comfort for our patients. It differs from the classic "inverted T" technique.

Prices for breast reduction in Paris

In Paris, the price of a breast reduction ranges from €3,500 to €8,000, depending on the surgeon's reputation and experience, and the complexity of the operation (volume to be removed and ptosis).

Hospitalization or operating room fees may also be added.

So if you're planning to have your breasts reduced in the Paris region, it's wise to plan on an overall budget of at least €4,500.

Other costs will be added, such as the first consultation with the surgeon, which generally costs €100. You must also take into account the cost of the obligatory consultation with the anaesthetist, which averages €100. Finally, you'll need to wear a support bra after the operation, which costs around €80.

If breast reduction involves the removal of more than 300 grams per breast, the operation may be covered by health insurance. However, this coverage does not apply to all ancillary costs, such as complementary fees and specific hospitalization costs.